kik-plansFitbug has just announced that they will be rolling out the new KiK Plans, which is an advanced personalized coaching aid which was specially designed in order for it to work with activity trackers so that one will be able to meet his or her specific health, weight and fitness goals, with a greater degree of accuracy. After all, whatever that can be measured, can be improved, don’t you think so? KiK Plans happen to be goal oriented 12 week programs which are created by leading experts in their fields, and it leverages on nine years of Fitbug user experiences, feedback and data to be what it is today.

You can purchase it with activation cards at retail or directly through, where individual plan prices will start from $19.99 onward. It will be made up of online and app based tools, rich media, webinars, dietary plans and expert advice which will hopefully come together with the entire family of Bluetooth Smart Fitbug wearables, where among them include the Fitbug Orb, Fitbug Go and Fitbug Air, where all three of them will retail for $49.95 apiece. KiK Plans are definitely the next step forward when compared to Fitbug’s innovative KiK digital wellness coach, and it is said that the first KiK Plans will be made available some time in the first half of 2014.

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