Fugoo Style Snow[CES 2014] Fugoo has brought their Bluetooth speaker line up a notch with a few more additions to their collection that will arrive in a durable design, so much so that they are water-proof, dust-proof, as well as boast of stylish interchangeable outer jackets that have the backing of a long 40-hour battery life. These Fugoo speakers will rely on a unique “Core + Jacket” design which will pair up advanced audio technology which has been housed within a robust “core”, alongside an interchangeable outer “jacket”.Fugoo Sport BeachThe available models will be the Fugoo Style, Fugoo Sport, and Fugoo Tough, with more jackets set to arrive later in the year. These jackets will be interchangeable, making it a snap for consumers to add an update to their speakers without having to spend too much money in the process. These Fugoo speakers can deliver full-range 360 degree audio, never mind that it comes in a portable speaker format. Sporting a pair of tweeters, an equal number of mid/woofers, and two passive radiators, the new Fugoo line should offer stellar audio.

Regardless of the model that you select, these will be full-duplex capable, and can also double up as a speakerphone if you so desire. All audio will be clear with the omni-directional microphone alongside echo cancellation and background noise reduction. Depending on the model that you choose, the The Fugoo Bluetooth speaker range will be available later in January from $199.99 onward.


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