drive-android-apiThe developer preview of the Google Drive Android API in Google Play Services 4.1 has been revealed today, where you are now able to enjoy the convenience of Google Drive cloud storage thrown into the mix alongside your apps without having to worry about a single thing. Drive integration on Android was not exactly impossible previously, but the new API itself would create a faster, seamless experience which allows your apps to be integrated with the Drive backend in a matter of minutes, now how about that for added convenience?

This spanking new API would be accompanied by a bunch of benefits, where the first of it would be within minutes the transparent use and syncing of local storage, as the Google Drive Android API will be able to temporarily rely on a local data store just in case the device itself is not hooked up to a network. Hence, there is no need to worry about failed API calls in your app simply because the user is offline, or should you happen to run into a network connectivity issue. Data that is stashed away locally in this manner will automatically and transparently be stored in the Google Drive cloud by Android’s sync scheduler whenever it detects that there is a connection available.

Not only that, it has also been designed for Android and available everywhere, while better user interface components have also been thrown into the mix, such as the file picker and creator user interface components. [Press Release]

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