gta-onlineGrand Theft Auto V Online players are not too happy a bunch these days, as the most recent update to the game has apparently “robbed” legit players of their cash, whether earned or purchased, because of the latest update introduced by Rockstar. The entire goal of this particular update from Rockstar was to weed out cheaters, but there are folks out there who claim that they are clean and good, and were unfairly singled out. Apparently, this latest update supposedly removed modded cash from the game as well as isolated the players who created the cheat and turned it into a “cheater pool”, letting them play only with other cheaters.

Folks who picked up counterfeit GTA$ via trading with other players, but did not actually apply the cheat yourselves, Rockstar has decided to be a wee bit more lenient. Whatever you have purchased would still remain under your possession, but the amount of counterfeit cash which you had will be removed. However, money that was purchased via microtransactions will remain safe. All of that is in theory, of course, but Rockstar’s Twitter account has been pretty active lately with plenty of complaints concerning legitimate cash being taken away. Others even claim that game cash which were purchased via GTA Online’s microtransaction system has also been removed.

It is a huge mess right now, and it would be difficult to fix.

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