halo-infinity-575x316Halo 2 was released back in 2004, meaning that the game is about 10 years old now. What this also means is that there are probably plenty of gamers out there who have fond memories of the game and if the rumors are to be believed, a Halo 2 Anniversary edition is expected to make its way onto the Xbox One later this year, although when exactly remains a mystery. This rumor comes courtesy of NeoGAF where it was suggested that Halo 2 Anniversary will be one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives of the year, and where the game will have its effects and graphics remastered to bring it in line with the Xbox One.

Assuming this is the case, gamers will definitely have something to look forward to, even if Halo 2 is a game that they have played and completed many times over. As for Halo 5, the rumors claim that Microsoft might be delaying the game until 2015 and that the beta will most likely launch in November. This seems to contradict our earlier report in which Microsoft reassured gamers that Halo 5 was on track for 2014, although their wording claimed that our Halo journey would begin in 2014, so we’re not sure if they’re talking about its beta or the actual release. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, and hopefully we will hear more from Microsoft regarding its release.

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