Screen-Shot-2014-01-07-at-3.21.42-PMDid you know that the Moto X had a LED light hidden underneath its earpiece? If you’ve never let your Moto X handset run completely out of battery, then chances are you might not have noticed it. The LED light was originally designed by Motorola to flash green when the phone was too low on battery to the point where the screen cannot even be displayed, but unfortunately apart from that, the LED light does little to nothing else. For Android users who might miss the notification lights on their devices, perhaps you might want to consider rooting your Moto X because thanks to the folks over at the XDA forums, they have figured out a way where they are able to activate the LED light and use it for other purposes.

This is thanks to XDA user, carock, who figured out a string of commands that could be sent to Tasker to control the LED to do whatever you wanted it to do. Like we said this requires you as the user to root the phone, and if you have not done so, this is something worth taking into consideration, especially if you have never done it before as it will require a fair bit of homework to be on the safe side. However for those who have rooted their devices, you can head on over to the XDA forums where you can find out more on the process and tools necessary to get it working to your liking.

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