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Huawei Has Trio Of New Processors In The Pipeline

huawei mate 2 review hands on 094 640x426Huawei has rolled out its fair share of mobile devices in the past, but this time around the company CEO, a certain Richard Yu, did mention that they have a trio of new processors that ought to debut in due time. Out of the three, there will be a single quad-core processor, in addition to a pair of octa-core processors. The octa-core chip itself will be a 64-bit processor, where it will rely on the big.LITTLE architecture, coming with just a single set of 4 cores that are active at any one time. This particular chipset will boast of a Cortex A-57 and a Cortex A-53, where the latter will see action when it comes to light housekeeping, while the former will perform all the heavy lifting.

Apart from that, there will also be a quad-core chip that is based on the ARM Cortex A-9, and it will be manufactured using the 28nm manufacturing process. Yet another octa-core processor from Huawei would be based on the big.LITTLE architecture, where you will find a Cortex A-15 and a Cortex A-7 within. Both of these SoCs will sport GSM/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE and FDD-LTE modems. Pretty decent effort from Huawei, but they do not seem as though they are going to be game changers anytime soon.

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