ice-pcFirst of all, the ICE xPC is no ordinary machine when you take a closer look at it. After all, it tips the scales at a mere 4 ounces, where the physical size itself is so tiny, that it will be able to fit into your shirt pocket without missing a beat. Apart from that, the ICE xPC can be docked into peripherals, allowing it to transform into an intelligent core of a pad, notebook, desktop, or gaming device. The xPC itself has been specially constructed for performance and it will come with a high-performance motherboard, the most recent x86 CPU/chipset, 4GB RAM, anywhere from 64GB to a 128G SSD, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, an accelerometer and a camera.

Fancy having something as tiny as your smartphone, and yet carries the processing power of a portable or desktop computer? This is where the ICE xPC comes in, allowing you to use the xPC whether you are at home or at the office, or for road warriors, while you are traveling. It will take advantage of customary PC components so that it can make room for the latest Microsoft Windows as well as other operating systems that are in the market. [Indiegogo Page]

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