iphone-5s-review-007The US is starting to see its position in different departments being challenged by newcomers, especially China, when it comes to economic standing in the world’s eyes. Having said that, the US is also the number 2 smartphone market in the world, but their position is rather precarious since The Guardian reports that research data by Mediacells showed that India will ultimately overtake the US, knocking them to third place where the “Top 10 markets by smartphone sales rank-list” is concerned.

This is made possible thanks to India’s smartphone-owning population that is tipped to more than double this coming year, moving from 156 million to touch a phenomenal 364 million people. After all, India does have the head count to boast – and we are referring to a population of 1.2 billion. China will remain unthreatened in their top position, as the purchasing power of the people there on average is a whole lot higher.

For those who are interested in the remaining candidates in the Top 10 markets by smartphone sales volume, they are Brazil (47 million sales, 38.2 million first-timers), Indonesia (46 million sales, 39.8 million first-timers), Russia (31 million sales, 21.4 million first-timers), Japan (30 million sales, 22.9 million first-timers), Mexico (23 million sales, 16.3 million first-timers), Germany (22 million sales, 12.2 million first-timers), France (18.7 million sales, 11.21 million first-timers), and the UK (17.7 million sales, 8.24 million first-timers).

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