Intel_Smart_BowlWhen you come home, you toss your keys, wallet, and maybe even your phone onto the table or maybe an empty dish/bowl designed for housing said items. It’s not an uncommon practice since it pretty much leaves you only one place to look when you want to leave the house and not forget anything. However what if that empty dish/bowl could have an even greater purpose other than to just house your items? What if you could charge your phone when you place it in the bowl? Does that sound like a piece of furniture you’d like to own someday? Well Intel has created such a device (pictured above) where users are able to place electronic gadgets, like phones or tablets, into the bowl and have them charge wirelessly.


According to Intel, the charging will be done by utilizing magnetic resonance technology which allows for charging of multiple devices without the need for precise placement, which is sort of like how wireless charging works in the first place, although we guess this seems more casual and might be able to accommodate more devices. Unfortunately at the moment this particular device will only work with Intel’s recently announced smart headset, but the company is hoping to expand compatibility to a wider range of products include smartphones, tablets, and even Ultrabooks in the future.

No word on when Intel plans to launch this charging bowl or how much it will cost, but what do you guys think? Is this a better idea than just a charging pad, or do you think it’s pretty much the same thing, just in a different shape?

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