The Joyboat (hmmm, somehow it does seem to make me think of a Loveboat instead) happens to be an electric-controlled ride which will be controlled using a joystick, and it has been specially designed for quiet cruising. Basically, the Joyboat is able to cruise for up to eight hours on a single charge of its battery pack, where it will cater to those who enjoy boating but do not want to blast through the waves in a loud and noisy speedboat. I guess the Joyboat will cater more for the quiet ones who prefer to cruise the waterways in silence, admiring the sounds of nature along the way. Thanks to Sky-Yacht, the electric Joyboat is now a possibility, where it will be powered by a couple of electric motors.

The joystick and touchscreen will be part of the controls, bringing it to a new level of interactivity and control. There will be optional extras thrown into the mix if you have the dough to spare, of course, where they would include a trailer, a Bimini top, a cover and a table. The Joyboat itself would weigh in at 390 kg (860 lb), and measures 4.28 meters (14 ft) long by 2.17m wide. It is capable of accommodating 5 people at once. Hopefully the touchscreen display is made out of stern stuff, as that is where you would view the battery levels and other different statistics including your speed. [Product Page]

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