metal_gear_rising_revengeanceEarlier we had reported that the PC version of Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was discovered to have an always-on requirement, meaning that gamers would require an internet connection to play it, despite the game being of the single-player nature. This was discovered by gamers who purchased the game through Valve’s Steam platform who discovered that any interruptions to their internet connection would basically boot them from the game. This was admittedly pretty surprising but then again, many developers these days do seem to favor the always-on requirement, even if it leads to backlash from gamers.

Well as it turns out, thankfully, the always-on requirement was not intended. According to a tweet by a Konami representative, they wrote, “We are aware of the offline play issue for Metal Gear Rising for Steam and are working on a fix. Please stay tuned for more updates.” It is unclear if this always-on requirement was intended and Konami are reacting to the negative responses to it by “fixing” it, or if it was added by mistake and they are truly looking into the issue and hopefully have a fix for gamers soon. Either way we guess it looks like Konami will be addressing the problem in the near future, and while the game is playable at the moment, we guess you should probably make sure you have a stable internet connection, lest you find yourself unceremoniously booted from the game mid-play.

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