nexusae0_new_nexus_10_thumbYou might have seen some photos of the alleged Nexus 10 floating about the internet recently (pictured above), but as it turns out, the image is a fake, at least according to skeptics and was also reaffirmed by none other than @evleaks himself, who wrote, “Pulled the “Nexus 10” tweet. Was sent to multiple publications, along with slightly differing “corroborating evidence.” Signs of a hoax.” Given that @evleaks has been pretty damn reliable in the past when it comes to these leaks, we are inclined to take his word for it, although some degree of skepticism should be maintained for now.

What made the image somewhat believable is because the Nexus 10 tablet has been due for a refresh for quite a while now. After all Google had refreshed its Nexus 7 tablet, so why not its larger 10” sibling, right? We have heard rumors of a possible Cyber Monday release back in 2013 which obviously did not pan out, and we have also heard how it might be shown off at CES 2014 which obviously did not happen either, leaving us to wonder if Google will ever refresh the tablet at all. We doubt Google will be abandoning the 10” form factor especially since there are many who still prefer their tablets to be that size, so we guess MWC 2014 will be our next hope. Until then be wary of potentially fake images!

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