mac-pro-officialApple’s latest Mac Pros were released towards the end of December 2013, but unfortunately due to immense popularity and also because it has been speculated that Apple might have some production difficulties, the shipping times for those who placed their orders later were set for February this year. Now according to reports, not only has this delay affected customers buying the computer online, but have also affected those who planned to walk into Apple’s shops to buy the Mac Pros. Based on the reports, those planning on purchasing the Mac Pros from the shops will only be able to do some come March, or worst-case scenario, April!

This information is according to an Apple Australia business specialist who has reportedly directed customers to purchase their Mac Pros from the online website as this is one way that they will be able to secure themselves a Mac Pro in a slightly more timely manner. Given that the Mac Pros are seeing an estimated shipping date in February, we guess this is better than say March or maybe even April. It has been speculated that Apple’s new Austin, Texas production facility could be the cause of the delay of the Mac Pros, and given that it is a new facility, we guess there are some teething problems at the start, but hopefully it will all be sorted out in due time. In the meantime for customers interested in the Mac Pros, you could always try your luck at the store, or at worst place an order online and play the waiting game.

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