gta4modRockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise was definitely not designed for children in mind, but with that being said, we’re pretty sure there are plenty of parents out there who are perfectly okay with their kids playing the game, which many have deemed to be violent. Unfortunately not all kids relish the idea of playing such games and over in Japan, a man was recently arrested for allegedly forcing a nine year old child to play Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV for hours of end whenever his mom wasn’t around. The man, a male nurse by the name of Maasa Kawabata, was arrested over allegations that he had forced his wife’s son from a previous marriage to play the game.

According to the authorities, he made the child play the game from anywhere between 2-3 hours a day for 2-3 weeks straight whenever the mom was out. The mom only found out about the possible abuse when the child complained of headaches and nausea, which the doctor diagnosed as dystutonomia which is stress allegedly brought upon by playing the game. Kawabata is refuting those allegations, claiming that he did not force the child to play. Over in Japan the game has been given the rating “Z”, making the game playable only by those aged 18 and over due to its violence and brutality.

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