texting-smartsNobody likes it when someone answers a phone call in a movie, especially when the offender does not have the courtesy of turning their cellphones off or putting it to silent. Even more distracting is when you’re trying to watch a movie but the person next to you or in front of you is constantly texting, with the glare from the phone affecting your overall movie experience, but the right thing to do is to tell the other person to stop, or get the cinema’s manager to step it, not to take justice into your own hands. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened in Miami when a man was shot to death over texting on his phone during a movie.

According to the reports, the man was using his phone during the previews which annoyed a retired police officer sitting behind him. Despite being asked to stop, the man continued, claiming he was texting his 3 year old daughter. Finally the man had enough and went out to fetch the manager but was unable to find them, and that’s when the argument escalated to the point where popcorn was thrown (it was unclear who threw it first) followed by a loud bang which came from the gun of the retired police officer who shot the other man dead. The gunman has since been charged with second-degree murder. What do you guys make of this? Was this a little too much? What would have been a better solution if you were in his place?

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