mediatek-update[CES 2014] MediaTek has stepped into the limelight yet again, where this time around, they have unveiled what is touted to be yet another first in the world – being the first multimode wireless charging solution, that is. Offering what the chip manufacturer calls resonance charging that delivers a great amount of advantages in comparison with traditionally used inductive chargers. For example, you will be able to place a particular device anywhere in relation to the charging station, or perhaps even in a different room, rather than to have to make do with a particularly precise location. Other than that, it will also be able to juice up multiple devices of varying form factors and power consumption via a solitary charger coil.

This particular resonance method does seem to grasp the gist of what wireless charging should be about right from the get go, offering a cable-free experience. Early adopters of devices that sport inductive chargers need not fret though, as MediaTek’s invention will pave the way for charging from a current existing inductive charger as well as resonance chargers that are about to roll off production lines down the road Could this development from MediaTek help usher in a new level of user comfort? [Press Release]

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