metawatchHaving a smartphone is more or less a given these days, but what about a smartwatch? Not everyone has one, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear has received mixed reactions ever since it was released. MetaWatch has just announced the launch of a new subsidiary known as Meta, which happens to be a collaboration between the parent company and Frank Nuovo, where the latter is the former lead designer of Nokia’s Vertu range of luxurious mobile phones. The whole idea of Meta happens to be known as the “Art of the Glance”, where its primary purpose is to end up with a wearable device which will be fully functional, all the while looking fantastic on your wrist.

There is plenty of emphasis placed on its exterior, which means you will not find the likes of cheap plastics, but rather, will come across stainless steel encasings as well as genuine leather wristbands. The Meta premium watch is also touted to be a whole lot more comfortable to wrap itself around your wrist compared to its contenders. As for pricing details, we do expect to see it hit the shelves at Best Buy later this spring, so hopefully additional details will be revealed in due time. [Company Page]

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