ds4_thumbIf you have ever played the Nintendo Wii or the Wii U, you know that the controllers have built-in speakers which are used sometimes to highlight certain parts of the game, such as when you play Mario Kart in which the built-in speakers will alert you to incoming red and/or blue shells. It’s a pretty nifty feature and certainly does add on to the experience, and it is exactly these types of features that Hideo Kojima will be taking advantage of with the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros. The game is scheduled for a release on the 18th of March and in the meantime, Kojima has been busy testing out the controls of the game across a variety of platforms.

However in a tweet, Kojima revealed one of the upcoming features for the PlayStation 4 version of the game in which the game would take advantage of the DualShock 4’s built-in speakers. According to the tweet, Kojima wrote, “Back to checking the game on PS4 today. Donna-san’s voice will come out of the speaker on the Dualshock 4 controller. lol” By “Donna-san”, presumably he is referring to Donna Burke, an Australian voice actress who will be lending her voice to the game. He also include a photo above which shows him (we can only assume it’s him) holding the controller. It seems like a novel feature but like we said in the case of the Wii/Wii U, it definitely added to the overall experience.

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