metal-slug-3-ps2Gamers, if you’re ready to relive a little bit of arcade fun on your PC, you might be interested to learn that SNK Playmore has announced that Metal Slug 3 for the PC will be arriving in February, as confirmed to the folks at Polygon earlier today. Unfortunately no specific dates were mentioned, but hopefully we will see it in the early part of February rather than towards the end of the month, but either way we will keep our eyes peeled for more information.


For those hearing about Metal Slug 3 arriving on the PC for the first time, it was just yesterday that we reported that the game was spotted on Steam where it was launched as a closed beta. However SNK invited players to participate in the closed beta by offering to give away codes to the game simply by liking their Facebook page or interacting with them via Twitter. It was unclear how long the closed beta would last, but as we said earlier, with the game’s release pegged for February, we guess the closed beta will not run for too long.

As it stands it appears that Metal Slug 3 will be destined for Windows only. No word on whether it will arrive for those running on Mac or Linux computers. The game has been around for a while and has since been ported to platforms such as iOS and Android, along with consoles like the Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360.

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