xbox-one-hands-on-review-02It seems that apart from games having different languages, such as Japanese or English, Microsoft has more to worry about other than the language barrier. While Microsoft has not mentioned when their latest console will be released in Japan, a 2014 timeframe has been given and speaking with Weekly Famitsu, Microsoft Japan spokesperson Takashi Sensui has come forward with additional details about the Xbox One and how it will play nicely with the Japanese market and how it will cater to the culture as well. As Microsoft has marketed the Xbox One as a multimedia device, Sensui has revealed that the company has been in talks with local device manufacturers and content providers.

“We are already in talks with Japanese device makers and content providers. Cooperation with Japanese partner businesses is extremely important for Xbox One.” Now we’re not sure how many of you guys were aware, but when the Xbox 360 was launched in Japan, there were some hurdles that players had to overcome especially with tight living room spaces, and dealing with noise and vibrations which might disturb their neighbors. It would seem that these are issues Microsoft has dealt with as well with the Xbox One. According to Sensui, “One of the hurdles we recognised in releasing the original Kinect [in Japan] was the living space in Japanese homes and background noises and vibrations. These problems have been resolved.” 

In any case it sounds like Microsoft has been working pretty hard to get the Xbox One up and running smoothly for the Japanese market, so it will be interesting to see how well-received it will be compared to the PlayStation 4.

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