shadow-of-mordorMiddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was announced in November last year, and I am quite sure that many people are looking forward to immerse themselves in the world of Tolkien yet again, albeit in a detached digital manner. This particular title is touted to arrive on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 as well as the PC platform, being a third person perspective game. The thing is, if you are a lone wolf in life and always like to soak up all of the glory for yourself, then you would most probably find Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor to be agreeable to you when it arrives. After all, it is a single player game only, which means that there will be no other way for you to beat the game with your friends, unless you all take up the “hot seat” system.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Twitter account has announced that Talion’s quest for vengeance will be a lonely one. At least Frodo had his felllowship of the Ring to help him out during those lonely moments, no? Out later this year, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor would see you play the role of a ranger known as Talion, where the timeline resides between Bilbo’s adventures in The Hobbit and Frodo’s adventures in Fellowship of the Ring. You’re one of those good wraiths who is seeking vengeance, but I guess ultimately, if this follows canon, you won’t be able to exact revenge on Sauron himself who can be attributed to all that is dark and evil in Middle Earth.

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