minecraftThe folks over at Mojang has just confirmed that they managed to sell more than a million copies of Minecraft for the PS3 console, which is pretty impressive by any and all accounts. In fact, the PS3 version of Minecraft was launched on the PlayStation Network on December 17th last year, where it came with a $20 price tag. This would point to moving more than a million copies from retailers to the hands of gamers themselves in a matter of five weeks or so, which is pretty impressive, but it still paled in comparison to the Xbox 360 version which sold over a million copies in just a matter of 5 days after it hit Xbox Live.

The Sony PS3 version of Minecraft is also the most recent cross-platform version of the game from Mojang, and you can bet your bottom hard earned dollar that it is not the last. Additional versions of the game for newer platforms are already in the pipeline, and if you happen to own either the Sony PS4 or PS Vita, you can be sure that these consoles too, will be on the receiving end of their very own version. Apart from that, Mojang intends to milk the Minecraft cow for all it is worth by developing a subscription service that is known as Minecraft Realms, which is currently running in beta in Sweden with whispers of a full launch later in 2014. [Press Release]

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