monsieur-bartenderParties are fun, especially if you are one who loves to meet people. The thing about parties is this – you need fantastic music as well as a decent supply of booze to keep the people happy, and at times, waiting at the bar could prove to be an exceptionally long moment before your order is fulfilled. How about solving this shortage of momentary manpower with the help of a robot? This is where the Monsieur Bartender robot comes in handy, where it comes in a boxy tabletop form factor that functions as a vending machine – albeit serving up cocktails instead of Coke or Pepsi.

All you need to do is to key in your order on a colorful touchscreen display or place an order from your phone, and the Monsieur Bartender will get to work right away, blending liquor with mixers and letting the contents settle into a cup. A fully equipped Monsieur Bartender has the capability to make up to 300 types of drinks. Not only that, the Monsieur Bartender will not take up too much space, measuring a mere 20” in height and 21” wide, sporting a color Android touchscreen display so that you can check out the potential drinks from up to eight mixers and liquors.

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