We’re sure most of you guys are familiar with the Samsung S View cover which is available for certain Samsung devices. For those unfamiliar, basically what the S View cover is is that it’s a cover with a flap and a small window, which when closed will provide users with a alternative screen in which they are able to view notifications at a glance, such as messages, missed calls, emails, and so on. It looks like Moshi has decided to bring something similar to iPhones which comes in the form of the Moshi SenseCover.

While Moshi is unable to provide the same functionality as the Samsung S View cover, it is pretty close as the special window will display the time. However what makes it even more interesting is how there are touch-sensitive plates on the front of the case that will allow users to swipe to answer calls or turn off alarms without having to open the flap. This sounds very convenient as one of the drawbacks to a case with a flap is that it can be troublesome to flip it open and hold it open while you attend to a call. If you’d like to get your hands on it, it can be found at Moshi’s website for $45.

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