[CES 2014] Sometimes parents can be a little overbearing and overly concerned about our welfare, and we suppose for those who are still too young to understand, this is something that you will miss when they are gone or when you are a parent of your own. However for those who are missing the attention and care that they get from the mothers, perhaps the Mother device by might be worth taking a look at. As the name implies, this is a device that will apparently have the ability to learn, adapt, and even come to care for you, at least as far as artificial intelligence is concerned.

How Mother works is through the use of Motion Cookies, which are additional sensors that have the ability to transmit data to Mother, which in turn will be interpreted accordingly. For those who are on the go, these Motion Cookies have the ability to store information for up to 10 days which are then uploaded to Mother when in range, with the option of connecting up to 24 Motion Cookies to one Mother. From there Mother will be able to learn your habits and will keep an eye over you and notify you on things that need reminding, such as taking your medication, turning off the thermostat when no one’s at home, and etc.

These notifications can be sent to your smartphone via push notifications, text messages, emails, and even phone calls. Users also have the option of enabling Senseriver which is a continuous real-life stream. Priced at $222, Mother will come with 4 Motion Cookies where additional Motion Cookies can be ordered at $99 for a pack of four. Mother is expected to begin shipping in February. For more information head on over to

Eliane Fiolet contributed to this article from CES 2014.

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