moto-g-google-play-editionMotorola might be looking into the low end market this time around, as their Moto G did pick up a fair number of followers, and has been regarded in consumer circles to be one of the truly affordable brand name smartphone that works decently. It does seem that Motorola could be on to something here, as they might just continue to roll out future releases that will resonate with the budget smartphone market.


CEO Dennis Woodside has already confirmed plans for a cheaper mobile device, saying, “In much of the world $179 is a lot of money so there’s a big market at a price point of less than $179. We’re going to look at that and just delivering on that value promise is super important. I mean why can’t these devices be $50? There’s no reason that can’t happen so we’re going to push that.”

Yes, why can’t these devices be worth $50 on the market? I am quite sure that having a smartphone at that price point would make it highly desirable, especially in developing markets, although major and mature markets might ditch a cheaper Motorola handset in favor of a new flagship device. Emerging markets would definitely do well with an unlocked $50 device that works decently, for sure.

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