Netflix is one of the most popular online on-demand video streaming service, it has also branched into production of original content which has been critically acclaimed and has gone on to win multiple awards. The company is certainly serious about the business, and as it looks to the future that’s going to bring 4K ultra-high definition streaming, there doesn’t seem to be any place for offline support. Joris Evers, director of global communications at Netflix, says that its “very unlikely” that the service will consider offline viewing support.

One might argue that there are a number of services out there that currently offer support for watching content offline, services like BBC’s iPlayer and Sky Go, so why doesn’t Netflix jump on the bandwagon as well. Evers says that Netflix wants to be a simple and straightforward “click and watch service.” Enabling users to download content would complicate matters, there would be licensing issues to take care of and storage issues to consider. All of this would go towards hampering the simple streaming experience that Netflix wants to offer. Its evident that the company wants to concentrate on offering the best streaming service to users, service which would also include the ability to stream in 4K UHD in the very near future.

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