terrorbladeThere is nothing quite like an update to a piece of software, and in the world of games, the usual “all in the cartridge or disc” rule does not apply any more these days. No sir, some games these days will continue to be playable with new characters and items from time to time, and DotA 2 is one of them. A new hero known as Terrorblade has been announced – and “new” here is relative, targeting those who have yet to play the first DotA (Defense of the Ancients). Apart from Terrorblade, word about the Random Ability Draft mode was also revealed.

Terrorblade happens to be a returning champ from the original DotA, where his claim to fame happens to be attributed to the clever use of illusions. In DotA 2, this unique skillset would have remained more or less similar and true to his original form, where it will comprise of abilities which create doubles and of course, illusions.

Apart from that, the first week of February will also bring along with it a Random Ability Draft mode. In this particular mode, champions will be assigned with the skills of another champion, and the official description says it best, “Trade the organized chaos of Dota 2 for a taste of pure bedlam! Unlocked at level 11, in this mode each player is randomly assigned a hero, and each hero’s abilities are placed into a pool. PLayers then take turns choosing which abilities their hero will bring into battle. Beyond the majesty of a Pouncing Pudge, witness Axe fumbling with Psi Blades, and experience the error of Illusory Orb Magnus.”

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