nikon-d4The Nikon D4’s successor has been rumored for announcement at CES 2014 and we guess in a way that is true as Nikon has officially announced the the D4S, a camera which is an upgrade over the original Nikon D4 which was announced back in 2012 around this time of the year as well. Unfortunately Nikon did not dive into too much details except announce the existence of the device, with Nikon’s press release stating that further details of the Nikon D4S, such as availability and pricing, will be announced at a later date. However Nikon did go on to state that the camera will be on display at CES, but given that the product is still under development, perhaps what we might be able to look forward to is a prototype, or at least a hint of what’s to come.

This also means the exact specifications of the D4S remain a mystery for now. However looking at the Nikon D4’s specs, we can guess at the very least it will be an upgrade over that. A quick recap for those who might have missed the D4’s announcement back in 2012, the camera came with a 16.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor and a shooting speed for 10fps. The camera was also touted for its low-light performance and video capture capabilities, so hopefully when Nikon decides to make the official announcement with all of its specs, improved low-light performance and even better video capture will be part of it. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more info, so be sure to check back with us later for the details.

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