nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472It won’t be long until Microsoft successfully acquires Nokia. The deal is well on its way and for the most part, it has been successful, save for some hurdles they’re facing in China, in which the country might take advantage of the deal to help lower patent licensing fees on behalf of Chinese companies. Well whatever the case is, we’re sure many are wondering what will happen to the Nokia brand when Microsoft has taken over.

Will Microsoft keep doing what Nokia is doing, or will Microsoft revamp Nokia’s strategy completely? As it turns out the latter is most likely, thanks to an interview with Fierce Wireless where Nokia’s Jo Harlow hinted at plans for the company in the future post-Microsoft acquisition.

For starters, it seems that Microsoft will only put out one flagship device that will be shared across all carriers, versus Nokia’s current strategy where they have multiple devices for different carriers. This is not a bad move on Nokia’s part, but it can be incredibly frustrating for customers who might want a particular phone, but don’t want to have to sign with that particular carrier just to get it. Harlow states that the reason behind this move is to grow with individual carriers, which makes sense, but admits that there will be a time when such a strategy will no longer be the efficient thing to do.

Harlow also stated that Nokia/Microsoft will continue to roll out low-end devices like the Lumia 520, and will push the Lumia lineup to even lower price points. Given the surprising success of the Lumia 520, it certainly sounds like a good move by either company.

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