tinderTinder, for those unfamiliar, is a matchmaking app for iOS and Android devices where users are able to swipe through various photos of potential partners, either “liking” or “disliking” a profile. What makes Tinder different from other matchmaking apps and services is that it will only allow users to message one another only if they have both mutually liked one another, thus preventing spam. For a brief moment Tinder made its way onto Windows Phone through the unofficial 6tindr app courtesy of Rudy Huyn, a developer known for creating unofficial versions of popular apps for Windows Phone, but it has since been pulled.

Well the good news is that despite the app being pulled, it looks like Huyn has been in talks with the folks at Tinder and he will now be creating an official Tinder app for the Windows Phone platform instead. This is good news because it is an official app, although previously Huyn’s take on the Tinder app did come with features the official app does not. Unfortunately when asked how long it would take for the official app to be released, Huyn was unable to provide a timeframe, instead replying that, “We will try to make the best user experience ever made.” So for those looking to matchmake on their Windows Phone handsets, hang tight and we’re sure an official release will be happening in the near future!

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