patch21Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 is one of the hottest RTS games at the moment and is played worldwide in tournaments and championships. Unfortunately it isn’t necessarily free to play, although there is a Starter Edition that basically lets gamers enjoy some elements of the game, while restricting some features to those who have paid for the full version of it. Now the good news is that for gamers who are still holding out on purchasing a full version of game (maybe you’re waiting for all three expansions to be released and purchase them as a bundle, who knows) is that Blizzard has announce patch 2.1 for StarCraft 2 gamers that basically unlocks more features of the game for those who own the Starter Edition.

Previously one of the restrictions of the Starter Edition was that gamers could not access the Arcade section, but now thanks to patch 2.1, Starter Edition owners of the game will be able to access custom maps and the Arcade. The Arcade section is basically where custom maps and games are created. If you have played Warcraft 3, this is basically the same thing where you will be able to play all sorts of cool and weird custom maps created by other StarCraft 2 gamers. Heck, we’ve even seen how one gamer managed to create a StarCraft 2 MMO through the map editor, so who knows what other gems there are out there. The patch will be going live today but as Blizzard has stated, it will be rolled out region by region, so fret not if you haven’t received the update just yet.

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