So, are you one of those who think that technology when it comes to cameras in smartphones have plateaued at a particular level, so much so that there are only so many megapixels that you can throw into the mix? Well, Pelican Imaging intends to offer something that is slightly different from the menu, that is, by delivering a 16-lens solution which will hopefully be able to bring about a revolution in the world of smartphone cameras.

This unique 16-lens solution is touted to arrive at long last in real world devices not this year, but rather, sometime in either the first or second quarter of next year, at least according to Pelican Imaging chief executive Chris Pickett. Right now, Pelican Imaging is at the infancy stage of doing things, as they are hammering out a deal with manufacturers. Pelican Imaging’s solution happens to be a whole lot thinner compared to the existing generation of camera sensors, which would pave the way to even thinner devices eventually.

This design aesthetic is not all about looks, either, as the 16-lens camera array will also allow the camera to shoot 16 different points of view simultaneously, making sure that every single subject in the camera will always remain in focus, now how about that?

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