actiwatchWhen it comes to devices like activity trackers, these are not exactly new to the market, and neither are they fresh. The thing is, they have yet to catch on across a large scale, but more and more technology has been packed into these puppies from their early incarnations. Well, targeting the scientific market specifically would be Philips Respironics with their brand new Actiwatch Spectrum Plus activity, sleep, and light-exposure tracker.

Basically, this particular device would be able to know whether it is being worn, and when the answer is in the affirmative, it will keep track of such information, as well as kick up a fuss via an alarm to remind you to wear it. The integrated light sensor is capable of detecting the brightness levels in addition to the color composition of the light, allowing it to perform a far more comprehensive assessment of the environment. Apart from that, there is also a button that is located on the timepiece itself so that you can mark a particular event – say for instance, when you have arrived at or are finishing work. Other hardware features include the ability to support months of data recording and direct USB connectivity among others. [Product Page]

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