phoenix-wright-3dsIf there is one particular game genre that was introduced on the Nintendo DS platform which certainly captured the imagination of many due to its unique style of gameplay, it would be the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing through the different cases over the years, but as I left college and entered the working world, I also ditched the gaming world behind. It is then my pleasure to announce that Ace Attorney compilation will be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS, where it will be the first of three Phoenix Wright games which will appear in 3D.

The title of this particular compilation would be Ace Attorney 123 Wright Selection, where it will not only bring along with it the entire plethora of original Ace Attorney games, but those will also feature updated 3D effects like the ones found in Dual Destinies. Do bear in mind that the titles will not be fully updated to 3D right from the ground up. As for the Japanese version, you will also find English voices within, and the entire shebang will roll out this coming April 17 in Japan for 3990 yen, which is a wee bit under $40.

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