ATM PINs usually consist of a series of numbers chosen by you. However given that they are only numbers and given that there is a disturbing amount of people out there who choose really bad passwords, someone could easily figure out your ATM PIN. So what can one do then? Well according to a company called TRI-PIN, they have developed a new system in which they claim would make it much harder for someone to figure out your PIN, simply because in addition to numbers, this system will utiize colors and shapes as well, thus adding on to the numerous possibilities which only a computer will probably be able to figure out, although admittedly it could take a while to run all the different permutations.

According to the company, “A user chooses a PIN with a combination of numbers, colours and shapes;, for example: 3, square, pink, flag. Each time that the user has to input their pin, the colours and symbols randomly change position on the TRI-PIN keypad, so you’re never pressing the same sequence of keys.” It sounds like a pretty clever idea although based on what we can see in the video above, chances are this might work better with a touchscreen display rather than physical keys, but who knows, perhaps someone could find a way to adapt it. In the meantime what do you guys think?

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