powerocks[CES 2014] Powerocks has just announced their spanking new Portable Power Bank that will be accompanied by an iOS and Android app that is capable of analyzing the battery status, while a smart alert would deliver a reminder to you to know just when you need to charge. Apart from that, the Portable Power Bank from Powerocks would allow you to post your battery status, emails, and texts to Facebook, Twitter and blogs without batting an eyelid.

Known as the Smart Power, it will carry 5,200mAh of juice wherever you go, coming in a colorful, portable and light-weight form factor. This would allow it to juice up other portable devices including smartphones, tablets and the ilk. Thanks to its 5,200mAh capacity, we should be able to see you double up your smartphone or tablet usage while you are on the road. This is the ideal tool to carry with you whenever you travel, since you can never quite tell just when you would run out of juice, or are simply in a position where you are unable to find a power outlet. There are also standard LED indicators on the Smart Power which will inform you of the approximate available power remaining within the power bank charger itself, and a fast charging feature would also come in handy when you have little time available.

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