r-kaidThe computer chassis has certainly come a long way in terms of design, performance and efficiency ever since it was in existence, but is there a better way of doing things? The answer is in the affirmative, of course, and with the R-Kaid Revelation, you know for sure that nobody who swings by your place and spend some solid gaming time on it will go home the same person, untouched at the very core of their being. The R-Kaid Revelation is made possible thanks to Swedish designer Love Hulten, who has reshaped the way a modern PC should look like by introducing a vintage look instead.

The R-Kaid Revelation’s case has been crafted from walnut and copper, where it has been specially styled to resemble that of a tiny arcade cabinet. The case itself has been built using concealed and removable drawers that make it a snap to store items within. As for the retro games that you would want to enjoy on this machine, the integrated controls are easily modified into a joystick so that nothing is out of place. An Intel Core i5 processor runs underneath the hood, accompanied by a GTX 670 GPU with 2GB memory and 8GB RAM. Do you wish for future gaming computers to arrive in such a unique design?

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