rayman-legends-zero-loadI clearly remember one of the early debates that concerned the PSOne and the Nintendo 64 – the latter had virtually no load times thanks to the use of a cartridge, while you could grow a beard while waiting for Gran Turismo to load a particular track. Having said that, all consoles in the years after that used some sort of optical media format like DVDs or Blu-ray discs as it was a whole lot more affordable than cartridges, not to mention the huge amount of information that they can carry. Rayman Legends, it seems, will not feature any load times whatsoever on the Sony PS4 and Xbox One, which is an extremely interesting proposition.

Ubisoft Montpellier claims that the enhanced power that can be found underneath the hood of the Xbox One and PS4 allowed them to display uncompressed textures as well as do away with pesky load times for the next-gen port of Rayman Legends.

Lead Game Designer Emile Morel shared that “the Xbox One and the PS4 allows us to display the game’s textures without any compression. This makes the game’s visuals even sharper than before and will allow players to see even more of the details and nuances our artists put into the textures of the game.” Such uncompressed textures would be able to assist to “highlight the hand-drawn style of the game’s visuals.” No load times, me likey!

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