Command & Conquer was one of the more popular RTS games back in the day and offered a decent alternative to other RTS games like Warcraft and StarCraft. Unlike StarCraft and Warcraft where massing units might not necessarily mean a victory and can be limited due to housing, Command & Conquer allowed gamers to amass as many units as they can with their resources, and assuming they aren’t eliminated by the enemy before then. It made for some epic battles and we’re sure there are some of you guys out there who might be wondering what a FPS Command & Conquer game might be like.

It’d be chaotic for sure, but thanks to a game titled Renegade X (removed link, since the site was down), it is basically a game made by a fan that is set in the Command & Conquer universe, but puts the player into a first-person mode where they are able to play as units or as vehicles. Unlike Command & Conquer: Generals which offered more factions to choose from, Renegade X will be going back to the older games where players could only choose between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) or the Brotherhood of Nod. The game will be completely free to play and will see a release on the 26th of February. This is admittedly a pretty cool-looking game and will appeal to Command & Conquer fans out there who are dying for new content. We’re not sure how well it plays, but if you were wondering, mark the 26th of February on your calendars to remind yourself to download the game and take it for a spin!

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