rex-robot-brainEveryone loves robots, don’t you think so? After all, the very idea of robots helping us humans to make our lives a whole lot more efficient has been around for quite some time now, so much so that even robots are able to serve us burritos now. How do you feel about building your very own robot? This is where the Rex ARM-powered robot controller board comes into play, where it has been specially designed by Alphalem that is based in San Mateo, California, where it will rely on a single board computer which is tiny enough to sit in the palm of your hand.


This particular Rex robot board has been specially designed in order to have it deliver developers with a high-level control over microcontrollers, sensors, and motor drivers. To explain further, “There are two general classes of electronics used in robot hardware: microcontrollers (ex. Arduino) and single-board computers. Microcontrollers are great for projects that only require a single program to be run, quickly and without overhead, like controlling LEDs and motors (here’s a video of Mike using one in a robot). Single-board computers are great for anything you’d need a cheap, small computer for – like networking applications and image processing.”

We are looking at a Texas Instruments DM3730 chipset with an 800MHz core, 512MB LPDDR RAM, a USB Host port, a microSD memory card slot, a camera module port, 3.5mm Stereo Audio-in and Stereo Audio-out jacks, among others.

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