roboearthDo you fear that as more and more robots enter service to make our lives easier, the day might actually come when they become self-aware, and a scenario like Skynet’s rampage across the human race might actually play out in real life? I suppose that is the worst case scenario, but at the moment, such a day does not look as though it is likely to happen. In fact, we are making allowances for robots to be able to learn even better. Case in point, RoboEarth has been introduced, where it is touted to be a world wide web for robots to learn from each other as well as share information among one another.

The scientists behind RoboEarth intend to test it to the hilt at Eindhoven University in a mocked-up hospital room, where a quartet of robots will make use of the system in order to complete a series of tasks, where among them include serving drinks to patients. The whole idea of RoboEarth is to ensure that robots and humans alike are able to upload information to the cloud-based database, which would then function as a common brain for machines. What do you think of an idea like RoboEarth – is it worth exploring further?

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