6tindrWe’re sure many of you guys have heard of the dating app called Tinder. For those who haven’t, it’s basically an app that lets you scroll through profiles of the opposite/same sex, swiping right if you like them, swiping left if you don’t. What makes Tinder different from a majority of dating apps/services is that messages can only be sent if you and the other person have “liked” each other’s profiles, ultimately cutting down on unwanted messages from people you might not have interest in. The app is available on iOS and Android, but it looks like it will soon be making its way onto Windows Phone, albeit unofficially with the 6tindr name.


This is thanks to a post by its developer, Rudy Huyn, on Twitter where he showed off the app’s UI. According to Huyn’s post, it seems that the app is currently in development meaning that we might not be able to expect it soon, but at least we know that it’s on its way. For those wondering where and how have they heard that name before, it is because Huyn is a pretty famous developer in the Windows Phone community where he has released unofficial Windows Phone apps for services such as Snapchat, Instagram, and even Vine, gaining him a fair bit of recognition in the process.

In fact Huyn’s efforts, such as with his Wikipedia app, was so beautifully done that it even received the blessing of the Wikimedia Foundation in the process. Huyn has his own share of original work as well, although we guess his unofficial projects were the ones gaining him more attention. No word on when 6tindr will be out, but any Windows Phone users pleased by this? Or isTinder so 2013?

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