100m-notesWhen it comes to the phablet device, there is one particular country where this category of device has been selling like hot cakes. I guess you can or less equate it to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, where has been projected to do pretty well on its home turf this year, with a very real possibility of it selling like gangbusters elsewhere, too. Having said that, a research firm did show that last summer, South Korea proved to be a bastion of phablet sales, where 41% of the mobile users there toted a handset which had a display size which is larger than 5”, in comparison to just 7% of the other users in the worldwide market. This made perfect sense actually, especially when you consider how South Korea also happens to be the home ground of Samsung and their Galaxy Note range.

Of course, there are also phablets from the likes of LG and Pantech as well, but it is encouraging to note that the phablet trend is moving towards the favorable line in the global market, too. So much so that Samsung has just boasted in the fact that they managed to cross the 10 million mark in terms of Note handsets sold in South Korea alone, which is a culmination of 3 years worth of sales ever since the first Galaxy Note was introduced. Considering how South Korea has a population of 50 million, this is quite a feat! [Press Release]

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