We know how hard it can be to stop yourself from texting and driving. After all the message could be an important one, or one that you have been waiting for, but ultimately it is dangerous and accidents have happened because of that. Looking to do something for the community and perhaps enact a little CSR, Samsung has announced a new app and campaign called Eyes on the Road which is basically an Android app that prevents drivers from texting while they are driving as statistics have shown that drivers who text are 23 times more likely to get into an accident.

Basically how the app works is that it will use the phone’s sensors and GSM cell towers to determine the speed at which you are moving at, and presumably moving at a faster speed would allow the phone to assume you are in a vehicle. Once it detects that you are, alerts from phone calls, text messages, or social media will be hidden until you arrive at your destination. The app event allows for auto response to text messages informing the sender that you are currently indisposed. Unfortunately the app is currently available only in Singapore, so for our Singaporean readers, go ahead and take it for a spin.

There are drawbacks to the app which is that it is unable to detect if you are the driver or a passenger, but given that you have the option of disabling it, we guess there’s that. Either way it’s still a pretty good idea and if you’d like to see the app in action, check out the video above.

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