samsung_logo_720wWhat does it mean to “trust” a brand? Does it mean that we trust that the company will always work in the best interest of its customers, shareholders, and stakeholders? Does it mean that products/services are reliable? Well depending on what your definition of trust is, it seems that over in India, Samsung has managed to be named as the country’s most trusted brand, beating companies such as Sony and local company Tata in the process. Prior to this, in 2013 Samsung came in second place, Sony in third, and Tata in fifth, at least according to the Brand Trust Award 2014.

However it looks like this year all companies have moved up in ranks, with Samsung taking first, Sony second, and Tata third, although based on this we guess Tata had the biggest improvement. It really does not come as a surprise to see Samsung doing so well. In terms of Android smartphones, Samsung is currently leading the pack and are dominating the rest of the manufacturers out there, so much so that Samsung themselves are starting to think that their reliance on Google might be too great, leading them to develop an alternative in the form of Tizen. Samsung is also expected to launch the Galaxy S5 this year, one of the more highly-anticipated smartphones of the year.

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