samsung-olympicsThe Olympics is a very special event that celebrates the pinnacle of human sporting achievements, although the summer Olympics tend to gain far more fans than the other editions. Having said that, Samsung’s WOW (Wireless Olympic Works) has just been announced, where it will be able to offer a personalized experience, athlete cheering feature and tutorial across the entire range of 15 sporting events for Sochi 2014, which is the Olympic Winter Games.

This particular app will be able to transform Android-powered devices into mobile sports stations, letting fans of this great sporting spectacle to personalize their very own Olympic Winter Games experience. With Samsung’s Public WOW app, sports fans will be able to engage in real-time access to event schedules, grab the latest reports on results, medal standings and Olympic records in a reliable and fast manner.

Public WOW happens to be an extension of Samsung’s custom WOW for the Olympic Family, which happens to be a wireless communications platform that was specially developed in order to ensure smarter communications as well as smoother, wireless operations of the Olympic Winter Games through the offer of news and information concerning the Games to officials and staffs. As long as you use an Android-powered device, you can download Samsung’s Public WOW app thanks to the Samsung App store and Google Play.

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