Skype logoThere is nothing quite like having a new update for existing software to bring it up to speed with the rest of the market. Skype has proven to be quite the useful tool when it comes to communicating with family and friends, especially those who are living thousands of miles away from you, and yet are able to carry out a video conversation with ease. I know that Apple has their own FaceTime, but with Skype, it is device agnostic, which gives it a huge plus in our books. Skype for iOS version 4.17 has just been released, and this latest version comes with support for push notifications.

In a nutshell, the entire slew of your chat messages will be pushed to iPhones as well as iPads via Apple’s push notification network. This allows you to deliver your messages in a timely manner, where it will then appear in your notification center and on your lock screen. As long as you remain signed into Skype, all private one-to-one chat messages will be delivered in the same manner as that of other push notifications. Other than that, two way HD video calling is also supported on the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina now, not to mention minor layout changes introduced on both the iPhone and iPad. [Press Release]

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