Soundfreaq Sound Rise Smart Alarm Clock[CES 2014] The alarm clock is not that simple any more these days, considering the way that technology has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years. Take for instance, the Sound Rise alarm clock from the folks over at Soundfreaq. This is one bedroom speaker that will be able to give a more modern outlook to your ordinary alarm clock, where it will offer Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, dual alarm clock functions, as well as double up as a USB phone charger, now how about that?I find the USB phone charger bit to be the most useful among the three, since you do not really need Bluetooth connectivity if you were to dock it and juice your smartphone up at the same time. After all, many devices that we own these days do come with USB connectivity, so to have another avenue to juice them up is always a good thing. A geek can never have too many USB ports, as I always say.

The Sound Rise measures just 5.2″ wide and 5.6″ tall, sporting a 3.5mm input jack for older devices that do not support Bluetooth. Good thing the screen’s brightness can be adjusted as well as you can never quite tell just when you want your room to be in total darkness during your soirees.

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